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Thread: Foil vs pink Butcher Paper

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    Foil vs pink Butcher Paper

    I just got my first batch of butcher paper and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

    One difference I noticed was that the only liquid left behind was straight fat, seems the juices all permeated the paper, so when I smoked my next piece and wanted to save more juices (a ham for Easter) I opted for foil.

    Here's the thread where I made this observation:

    If you have time to see the pics I think you'll see what I mean; I think the paper absorbed all the juice and just collected the fat.

    I wonder if you have any guidance on when to choose one over the other.....
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    Clint, I looked at your photos and immediately got hungry. I see what you mean about the paper absorbing more liquid. I used to wrap with foil exclusively. It helped a lot with getting the ribs tender. Then I started writing Weber's New American Barbecue, which involved interviews with many of the best pitmasters in the US. Many of them were using butcher paper instead. The main reason, that said, was because the paper is a little porous, allowing a little evaporation, which means the bark is not as likely to get soft or soggy. I started wrapping with paper at home found th result to be better than what I got with foil. Good tenderness. Good bark. Good flavors. So that's my preference theses day. You are going to lose juice either way. That's the price we pay for heating up meat to make it edible. If the juices collects int he foil, what are going to do with them? I suppose you could baste the ribs with them. In my mind, resting the ribs in juice-soaked paper is similar to basting. Either way, you moistening the surface area. I hope that perspective help more than it just confuses the issue. Bottom line: Do what works for you. They are your ribs.

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