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Thread: Wifi Adapters

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    Wifi Adapters

    I've read through I've been using heatermeter for many years now. I've gone through various versions. The biggest problem I have is wifi connectivity. I have an outdoor AP and still don't get the best signal. My phone, computers, etc all have a much stronger signal. With that in mind I'd like to replace my wifi dongle. Out of the supported list is there a reigning champion?

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    My pi zero w works great. Outside my house, about 70' from router, thru a few walls.

    Pi zero W is as cheap as a wifi afapter. Cheaper than some.

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    I've found all of the dongles on the list in the wiki to have roughly a similar range, even the one with the antenna didn't show any noticeable improvement. The antennas in the Zero W and newer 3B+ and 3A+ are pretty good, but I haven't done any range comparisons to see if they out-distance the dongles.
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