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Thread: The Difference In Lid Sizes?

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    The Difference In Lid Sizes?

    As I am currently finishing up a Silver C resto, I opted to replace the faded, speckled black lid
    with a redhead off of a donor grill. I am also redoing a redhead 1000 at the same time. So I
    have 2 red lids, and one black disassembled at the same time. I used the endcaps off of the Silver C
    (no bolt holes on the outside) and just grabbed the cleanest red lid so it would take less time to
    finish cleaning up like new. When I went to assemble it, it would not go together. It was off about
    an inch from the endcaps. Scratching my head, I did a side by side comparison with the other two
    so you can see for yourself.

    I believe the donor I used is a 700 or 900. I had no idea there was a difference.
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    Yah the Genesis 1000-5000's and Silver B's and C's are pretty much all interchangeable until later years when they changed to a more rounded hood. BUt I think the platinums and as you found out, the sub 1000 grills are different.

    I can see where it would be hard to tell the difference without directly comparing them however.
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    I think because the height is slightly lower it changes the angles of the side frames almost imperceptibly so they can make the overall size fit on the same fire box(es).

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