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Thread: Roswell Double Pizza Rig

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    Roswell Double Pizza Rig

    I'm looking into this rig to allow cooking of two pizzas at once.

    It holds two 14 inch stones, one above the other. Does anyone have experiance using this rig? Is there any tolerance in size for the pizza stones? I mean does it take 14 inches only or can something slightly smaller or larger also work? If 14 inch only, where can I find such a stone reasonably priced?

    Any one know alternatives to this product?

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    Honestly I would not put a heavy stone on the top tier of that thing. Looks too flimsy

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    I wouldn't want to stack pizzas in a grill for cooking. I'd imagine it would just make the temp difference between the bottom crust side and top side of the pizza even a greater difference.
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    Don't know about the heat issue. Heat will circulate and heat the stones evenly. Direct heat (sort of) is only relevant for the tops. Bottoms get it from the stone directly.

    And using a stone on the top one I don't think it would be too much of an issue. 14" stone not all that heavy. Course, more expensive stones are thicker and obviously then weight may become an issue.
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