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Thread: How to test NG grills with no NG connection?

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    How to test NG grills with no NG connection?

    I have a NG grill I want to flip. It is a Silver C. I have all the parts (manifold and side burner) to convert it to LP but I want to offer it in both options. Maybe I can get rid of the NG parts and keep the LP parts.
    However I don't have a NG connection at the house. Is there a way to test these with some kind of adapter on a propane tank? I just want to make sure it ignites and the burners are working. Or is this a bad idea?

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    You can test it on LP it just will have really huge flame output so don't run it long or at high setting

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    LOL, yah, that will test that the burners are getting gas, however, you won't know for sure how well the burners are actually burning that way.

    But, If it was me, that is probably what I would do as well. At least it would give you a good indication that everything was good for when the new owner hooked it up. I personally just shy away from flipping NG grills for that reason along with the fact that the demand for them is limited compared to propane.
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