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Thread: Thanks Ralph!

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    Thanks Ralph!

    I had a problem with my HM board and sent it to Ralph for repair. He did a great job with the repair and I purchased a Rotodamper from him. I did a hot and fast no foil brisket cook and it turned out great. I am cooking on a UDS using lump charcoal and the stock PID settings. I have never been able to maintain temp this closely before. The Rotodamper is the real deal. I just loaded up the charcoal basket and tossed in 2 Weber fire starters and let the HM do the rest. I have read the PID section of the Wiki and will probably leave the stock settings for now since it is so close to set temp. I am not sure what the bar graph on the upper left is trying to tell me as far as PID settings. I have noticed that the more red bars I have in the graph, the closer to set temp and the more green bars the further away from set temp.
    Here is the cook:

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    your welcome, glad it worked out well for you....
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    Yeah that's a great lookin' graph there, nice work you two!
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