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Thread: Apple Butter on Boston Butts

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    Apple Butter on Boston Butts

    Itís finally gotten a bit cooler here in Charleston, SC, and I wanted to start smoking meat again. Iíve traditionally used mustard on Boston Butts before applying a rub, but I had an idea to try Apple Butter instead of mustard. I searched the forums here for a post to thread on this, and finding none, I tried it two nights ago. The BB turned out nicely, with a flavorful dark brown bark (expected with the sugar in the Apple butter). Apologies if this approach has been posted before, and I hope this is helpful to some.

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    A welcome addition! Thanks
    So many recipes, so little time
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    Good call Michael!
    Bryan S suggested that to me years ago

    I need to try that again.

    Different smokes for different folks. Wish the Dollar Store sold gas!

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