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Thread: Ambitious and unnerving

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    Ambitious and unnerving

    So I'm upgrading from my ten year old 18.5 to a 22.5 I found nib on craigslist for 260. Also have ordered a cyberq cloud as I've always wanted to try an atc and actually being awake to enjoy my bbq. Additionally I will be using big bad Byron's rub <a first> cut 50/50 with turbinado to coat all meats. I will also be smoking my first brisket, not a packer but a flat as well as two eight to ten pound butt. Its unnerving the number of way things could go wrong but I'm ready to change things up, I've used the renown mr.brown with fantastic results but want something different. My questions, is big bad byron turbinado mix good for brisket? How do the cooking time between an eight to ten pound butt compare to a 7 to 8 pound brisket. Cook temp will be 235 with hickory smoke. I'm thinking start the brisket several hours after the butts. This will all be for Sunday lunch/dinner. Plan on firing up Saturday around 5 giving fifteen hours to cook and hopefully finishing eight am Sunday morning, rest the meat in foil and a cooler for four hours till noon.

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    Sorry I saw this post so late. I would have added a couple of thoughts on the huge time mismatch between the butts and the flat. I would have also asked if you intended to foil. I also did a flat for the holiday. Rubbed, injected, 250 degrees, foiled at 165ish, probe tender was 211 degrees. It rested for a few hours in a Cambro that had a pan with boiling water in it. (About 2 inches of water) I put the Cambro in the car and drove from Brooklyn to Weehawken NJ. Sliced & served. It was the best I've done with a flat to date.

    How'd you make out?
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