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Thread: Bottom Vents not sealing well

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    Bottom Vents not sealing well

    Good morning fellow smokers. I had a question and was curious if anyone has any insight.

    I have moved 5 times from coast to coast in the past 4 years, and the professional movers have not been to careful with my smokers and grills ( story for antoher day). The recent move my botom vets got bent away from the bowl. Th bent them back, but now it seems that i am getting more airflow through these vents.

    Any idea on how to get these to seal up better?

    Also what type of HVAC tape can i use to put over the holes if i wont to, since i am using a temp controller.

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    I don't know how to fix stock dampers that are loose but are you aware that you can purchase a replacement set? This link will--I think--take you to Amazon for purchase but I would guess you could also order from Weber:

    On tape, I once asked a vendor from whom I purchased an ATC and was informed that what I could find at my local hardware store would be the same as what they use, lol. So by my own means I ended up going with 3M #3381 foil tape, purchased at Lowes. The logo on my package shows a 300* temp range but the chart from 3M's selection guide shows it at 350*. One might hope for a higher rating but I, personally, have not had any issues. I've used it on my dampers when I used an ATC and I use it on my Pit Barrel Cooker after my smoke when I want to snuff the lit coals.

    Check out the pricing on 3M's #363 tape, lol.
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    I used a stub of PVC pipe to tap mine back in shape, an empty soup can would also work.
    I've seen a few folks use knockout seals to close up the vent holes.

    Different smokes for different folks. Wish the Dollar Store sold gas!

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