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Thread: New KettlePizza

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    New KettlePizza

    I have been looking at these for a little while now and as an awesome Fathers Day gift I got one!

    I immedately had to assemble it and see how the kettle looked, she looks good

    I made two pies right away as well from the other part of my gift and they were awesome! The first I left it in a little long and the crust was burned a little but still tasted awesome. I had a chimney of lit charcoal and I put 4 pieces of apple chunks behind the stone. I was quickly up to over 1000 deg on the stone and over 700 at the opening. Now I want to cook pizza all the time and try calzones and Stromboli as well. I need to get a better dough recipe (I'll find it here).

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    Id suggest you find a recipe you think you would like then stick with it. Get good at making pizza. Then start to tweek the recipe little by little until you get it where you want it.
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    This is the one I like, make sure you get the "00" flour.
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