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Thread: Found the 26 Unicorn!

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    Found the 26 Unicorn!

    After being on the look out for a rare 26 inch on craigslist, it finally paid off. Saw a title that read "Weber BBQ Grill" and it looked like an ordinary 22 inch one touch kettle and didn't think much of it. But something about the picture got me curious and thought, it couldn't hurt to ask. There was only the email link so I asked if the grill was 26 inch. To my surprise, I got a response within 30 minutes saying it was! I responded right back and told them I'll take it! Went to go pick it up few days later since that's when they said they were available. Luckily they didn't flake out on me and I made the 45 min drive. It had been sitting outside but we live in So Cal so it doesn't rain too much and condition didn't look too bad. Brought it home and spent about 2 hours cleaning and repairing the one touch fan sweepers. One of the sweepers was severely bent so I had to take it apart and straighten it, which wasn't hard. The charcoal grate was completely rusted out but luckily I had an old 22 inch kettle grill that was in decent condition but not good enough to cook on. I know, you guys are asking, how much... Yeah that's the best part of the story. Whopping $40 which was the asking price! They were young couple with a newborn and wished me luck with the grill. One issue I found was that the lid wasn't completely round and so smoke leaks out. It might be an issue because I plan to do a lot of smoking in the grill. As a matter of fact, planning to sell two grills I currently have, the performer and the 18 inch WSM to make space.

    I'm really having hard time getting pictures to show. .frl and amazon are both not wanting to cooperate. I'll make sure to work on it follow up. but I assure, it is in superb condition!!

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    Congrats on the 26'er ! I love mine.

    You can always upload images to Select "message board 640x480" from the "resize" drop down selection menu. Hit the "upload" button. On the following page, copy the contents of "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards" box and paste it right in line where you want the pic to be.

    Or, you can Copy the "direct link for layouts" to your clip board, click the "Insert Image" icon in the editor here (to the left of the film strip looking thing) and paste the URL into the box that pops up.

    WRT your lid, you can carefully try to bend it back into round by giving it a bear hug and squeezing carefully. It'll move.
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