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Thread: Marinated and Mopped BOLOGNA??

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    Marinated and Mopped BOLOGNA??

    Hello All,
    I have a friend who says he saw a team basting bologna at a competition.
    Says they wouldn't tell him what was in the baste.

    He's wondering if anyone has a recipe for either MARINATED or BASTED bologna.

    That actually sounds a little strange to me; I'm wondering if bologna isn't too dense to absorb a brine. Plus, I've never smoked a bologna that was dried out.

    What say you??

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    Odd to my ear.. Though I suppose if it was something like the Roadside Chicken mop or similar mopping over a longer period would give the external a nice glaze/caramelized exterior perhaps.. I should try that on my next bologna come July and see what I think. Can't hurt to add something flavourful right
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