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Thread: Best Charcoal Filling/Lighting Approach with a WSM 22.5 AND Flame Boss 300?

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    Best Charcoal Filling/Lighting Approach with a WSM 22.5 AND Flame Boss 300?

    I tried out my Flame Boss 300 today for the first time and apparently made a rookie mistake - my temperature was too high for the fan to run. I assumed the fan would cool down temps, but I realize now it controls the airflow. So I've been using the Minion Method - - charcoal chamber filled to the top with unlit charcoal, with 1 chimney of lit charcoal on top. Is that too much? Also, I've been waiting 10 minutes before putting the WSM back together. Should I reassemble immediately? The challenge I have had using this method has been temperatures that start in the 300-340 range, and take a long time to go down. Silly me, I thought the Flame Boss would help with this problem...

    What approach do you recommend with a WSM 22.5 and a Flame Boss 300?



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    I don't use ATC's but I think your biggest problem is starting with too much lit charcoal.. Also, waiting 10 minutes will just cause more of the until charcoal to light. How much unlit you start with will depend on your target temp. I start with about 12 to 20 lit coals to get to 225. With an ATC I imagine the fan will get you up to temp pretty fast. It's always easier to hit a target temp coming up than trying to hit it going back down. This is really critical on vertical smokers. It's extremely important with ceramic smokers for instance. Good luck!
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    I have the 18.5 WSM and a Flame Boss 100U. Using lump charcoal fill the basket to the top leave a little room between the water pan for about 1/3 of a chimney Kingsford Blue. Light the Kingsford and spread it over the lump when gray. Assemble the WSM and monitor the temperature. It should stabilize in 30 minutes or so. This is the time to get the meat ready.

    When using a stoker forget about any method (minion, etc). The stoker will control the temperature just fine and the only thing needed is enough charcoal. You will find a stoker requires more charcoal per cook. At the end of the cook remove meat and close all the vents. I remove the Flame Boss and use a crumpled piece of aluminum foil to plug that vent. No need to let any trapped heat melt the fan.

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    I usually only light about 10-15 pieces of charcoal, and then let my ATC do the work to get it up to temp.

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