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Thread: Couldn't resist in this 22" kettle last night

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    Couldn't resist in this 22" kettle last night

    Found it on 5 miles. $10 for the grill. Came with the Weber cover, the charcoal side baskets, the Weber chimney starter, a full bag of briquettes and full bottle of lighter fluid. Basically the whole caboodle to start grilling. The owner was moving and trying to get rid of everything.
    I have an old 22" which I have rarely used because it has these three vents at the bottom which are basically rusted in place and don't move. And because I have a gasser too. Was always looking for kettle with the ash basket at the bottom. So maybe I will be grilling with lump coal more often now.
    Now what to do with the old one? Any creative recycling ideas? Flower pot in the backyard maybe?

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    Good deal on that one Stefan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat G View Post
    Good deal on that one Stefan.
    For sure. Gold kettle with extras for 10 bucks. Nice score

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    Many prefer the 3 wheelers. It's easy to fix but otherwise find it a loving home. Your weber card will be forfit if you use it as a planter !

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