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Thread: Really, Lidl? Stop Before You Embarrass Yourself

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    Really, Lidl? Stop Before You Embarrass Yourself

    There is a new German grocery store in the area, Lidl, and while they are cheaper than most other stores around here, they aren't really convenient to us for us to shop there on a regular basis.
    But we did sign up for e-mails from them to see what's up and to see if it's worth the 1/2 hour drive. This weeks caught my eye and gave me a belly laugh!
    Really? You're comparing a $20 grill to the mighty Weber kettle?
    Stop it now!!!
    Lagers and pilsners and ales, oh my!

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    I've bought worse while traveling......

    edit: I just saw the ad on my phone - now I can see the comparison. lol
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    Looks similar to Aldi. We got one here a few years back. The store is so bizarre with all the generic brands that look similar to actual brands. I felt like I had stepped into some kind of alternate reality and almost had a panic attack.
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    I've never seen one here but they're very nice stores in Germany. I have been in a number of them. Yes along the same formula as Aldi

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    When we lived in Germany we shopped at our local Aldi's most of the time. While my wife, not ever being around the military, enjoyed the Commissary.

    My wife is pretty thrifty. She likes shopping at several places depending on their sales. We got lots of stuff at Aldi's, but only if we are headed to the town its located in.

    Haven't seen a Lidl's here yet.
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