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    Missouri > Cameron: Tub Creek BBQ

    Recently my wife and I spent the night in Cameron, MO, and since Tub Creek BBQ gets good Google reviews we thought we'd check it out.

    I had a sliced brisket sandwich with beans.

    My wife's pulled pork and macaroni & cheese. I can't remember for sure but the buns may have been brioche.

    I thought the meal was pretty good overall but we did disagree on a couple of minor things. She thought her pork was a little dry although it seemed fine to me, and I liked the mac & cheese while she didn't care for it. The first couple of bites of brisket were kind of dry but it got better as I went along, so maybe I got a slice or 2 that were cut from close to the end. We both agreed that the buns were a bit much for the sandwiches and that we would've liked something a little simpler, but that's just personal preference. I can't remember a whole lot about the beans but I did finish them, so they were probably pretty decent.

    I don't know if I'll ever be in Cameron again but if I am I'll probably stop in again to try something else.
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