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Thread: Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

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    Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

    I'm considering building some sort of outdoor kitchen type of thing but having a hard time on the creative side of things. I have the 26" kettle and I love it but can't quite figure out how to work it into a plan. I saw a couple here that made a table and set a kettle in it but not sure that would work for the 26. I've considered adding a ceramic type cooker but every time I consider that, I feel like it's the same thing, only less fuel consumption. I guess I wouldnt mind adding a gasser but when you get into drop-ins, they get pricey.

    So just looking for some ideas to get me going.

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    Around here, outdoor kitchens are either seriously weather tolerant or mobile, designs in my head are myriad, I have to lean on the mobile side for sanity where you are, once you sort out what you think you need, get some quadrille ruled sketchpaper, a large cocktail, a pen and start laying things out.
    Mark out the space you have to work in, then make some scale grill cut outs, draw the space and move the grill shapes, cooler shapes, cabinet shapes around and see where it takes you.
    Making the table fit the 26!? Child’s play, figure that one out easily enough with the second cocktail.
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