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Thread: Auto/Default AP

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    How about a script that checks for a WiFi connection and then if it doesn’t find one, it reverts to AP mode after a couple minutes?

    You could probably make it cycle through a couple of known networks, and connect to the first it finds and if none, then go to AP mode.

    Hmmmm. This might be better than my two usb drive plan. I have a busy few weeks at work, but if no one else does it by early May I will take a crack at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RalphTrimble View Post
    That would work as long as you remember to change configs before you leave the active network...
    Thus rendering it completely useless most of the time! If you could remember to plug it in and change the configuration, then why didn't you just change the configuration? There's already a quick wifi page in the webui which takes pretty much the same amount of time. Adding profiles just adds another layer of complexity and requires more code. Mostly the problem with this is that it doesn't solve the problem of showing up somewhere with your HeaterMeter in the wrong configuration and you being stuck.

    I'm also not a big fan of automatically switching between AP and STA mode just because when something happens automatically, it never seems to do the right thing and you just create more headaches. I think it is better for the configuration to be explicit. If someone is going to write a proper network manager that creates/edits/saves profiles, integrates into the webui LinkMeter->Wifi cleanly, and always does what you expect without being a while [ true ] ; do shell script, I'd consider it for inclusion though. I just think there are things that people use every time they use HeaterMeter that are worth development time more than this which I think almost nobody would use. Especially if those things make this discussion obsolete.
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