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Thread: Greetings from 60193 - newbie to the forum

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    Greetings from 60193 - newbie to the forum

    Currently smoking on a 22" WSM - had the 18" but sold it got the larger one.
    Reading about smoking ribs and such with the hanging method - thinking to make a rack but wondered what the VMBB folks would have to say and recommend !?
    Looking forward to the VWBB words of wisdom !
    Tom in 60193

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    Hi Tom and welcome!

    If you're handy you can make a rack, but if not you have a couple of options. One is to try to find the discontinued hanging set made by Weber for the 22.5" WSM. One of our forum members may still have one for this link to send a Private Message to C Potter and ask him. There's also a small chance you'll find one for sale online're looking for the Weber 7473 Expandable Smoking Rack, 22-Inch.

    Second option is to consider one of the hanging kits from Hunsaker Smokers or Gateway Drum Smokers. I know the Gateway version for their 55-gallon drum fits the 22.5" WSM; you'll need to contact Hunsaker to find out if theirs fits your cooker.

    A couple of related threads:

    Good luck!

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    Welcome Tom! I'm just down the road...OK, "just down" might be stretching it a bit.
    Bill: WSM 22.5 BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2 : Maverick ET-733 : BHG Gas Grill: His & Hers John Deere Lawn Tractors

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