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Thread: Stable Firmware Release v14

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    You should be able to use the most recent firmware, however, you would have to make sure not to set the blower in Voltage Mode, you need to use Pulse Mode because the HMv4.0 does not have the feedback circuit for the blower.

    I just looked at the online repository and find it odd that the last release version was in Feb 2016, but that is what I am seeing. I would suggest you use the latest snapshot release, which is dated April 2019, I always run snapshots on my HM and find them to be very stable.

    The HM update process has changed a bit since the 4.0 days, may be more up to date than what you are seeing in the online repository through your HM. If your HM software hasn't been updated in a long time you might want to go to and download the most recent release (I suggest latest snapshot) to update your system, make sure to select the proper rPi board before you download. (BTW latest release version on the above link is Oct 2017, I would still use the latest Snapshot release) You can either DOWNLOAD an image to write your sd card (via PC Win32DiskImager etc), select your rPi model and preferred wifi settings before you download... or you can click on the download.gz icon to download an image that you can flash via HM @ Config/System/"Backup / Flash Firmware".

    BTW if you are interesting in tinkering with your HM here is a link to a thread I made which details how to update your HMv4.0 hardware to the current hardware build.

    It involves installing the RC filters on the probes and upgrading the blower circuit to the current hardware version. The RC filters are cheap and easy to install, probe stability will be improved with this update, highly recommended... The blower update is more difficult, benefit is you can use Voltage Mode for the blower, which creates less noise on the probes. If you do the blower circuit update make sure you follow the thread far enough to get the HMv4.2 update, the thread details updating from v4.0 to 4.1, and later to v4.2....
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