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Thread: Liner inside of lid of 2003 Genesis Gold C grill

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    Liner inside of lid of 2003 Genesis Gold C grill

    I have a 2003 Genesis Gold C grill which I have really liked. I have replaced the bars and the grills about 4 years ago. It is now in need of more serious rehab, but there is one part that I just haven't found mentioned. INSIDE of the lid is a metal sheet, that is really rusted. I could probably take it out...but...why haven't I seen that listed on any parts ? I know that you can't buy a new lid but the stainless steel part of the lid (the outside) is in pretty good shape. The inside liner has rust holes. What is that called? Can you replace it? Do you need it?
    Thanks for any enlightening information!

    Sue H

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    It's simply there to keep the lid from discoloring (turning blue). You can safely remove it with no other ill effect. Not sure but it also may be under warranty and Weber may replace the entire lid for you

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    If nothing is falling off of it and landing on your food, you could also just leave it be.
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