So it happens that every year we hit the mountains with 5-6 friends for a couple of days to stay there, ski/snowboard and chill out in the evenings. From this latter activity, I heavily miss cooking in my Weber kettle.. but the Mastertouch ain't exactly portable and we can only approach that little house on the hill via ski chairlifts..

Thinking about this situation I think running a small smoker could be a better choice when it comes to feeding around 6 people with a smaller device. The question is, what cooker could be ideal for this purpose: being small, very portable, capable of cooking for around 6 and suitable for cooking outside at winter.

Is there maybe something like the Pit Barrel Cooker, just smaller? Or can one maybe smoke in a Jumbo Joe? Any other options which you'd suggest? Or is that idea completely crazy and we'd just better forget about it? What do you think?