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Thread: HeaterMeter Build Help

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    Clicked on HeaterMeter tab...

    HeaterMeter serial communication can not be established. Configuration requires bidirectional serial operation. Possible causes of failure:
    No HeaterMeter board attached
    No HeaterMeter (AVR) firmware installed. See AVR Firmware
    Incorrect baud rate in /etc/config/linkmeter
    Hardware malfunction

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    You can program the Atmega, which uses SPI, but you're unable to communicate with it over the serial port after the fact.

    Check the RX and TX connections on the board for a short. With the Pi removed, you should have connectivity between the RX pin on the Pi header and the TX pin on the Atmega. Same for the TX pin on the Pi header and the RX pin on the Atmega. There shouldn't be any other connectivity on those lines.

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