Last August I was in southern Ohio for a visit and as I drove through Wilmington on OH-22 I chanced upon Beaugard's Southern Bar "B" Que. Even though it wasn't on my list of planned stops it was lunchtime so I thought I'd check it out. You can't see it here but there was an old offset smoker puffing away behind the building (just out of the frame to the left).

I got the feeling that the building used to be some kind of fast food or family restaurant, as it's pretty spacious inside.

My sampler platter with pork to the left, brisket to the right, and a chicken leg. They were all pretty good but I think I liked the brisket the best as it had a higher fat-to-lean ratio than the pork. The sauce wasn't too strong or too sweet so I didn't mind that it didn't come on the side.

IIRC the beans had a noticeable tomato sauce flavor but it was at a nice level, and the mac & cheese was creamy and cheesy without being gloppy.

It would've been nice to try the ribs but there's no way I could've finished them along with everything else. Perhaps this year I'll get the chance.