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Thread: iQ 110/120/130 Replacement Probes

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    iQ 110/120/130 Replacement Probes

    I was wondering if anyone has had success finding off the shelf / aftermarket replacements for the temp probes of the iQ 110/120/130. I am not an electrician so I can't tell if similar products I found are suitable for the iQ temp controllers. I know they use "RFD" probes, and I have found some with the correct "plugs" on line, but don't know if there are other technical considerations to be accounted for or if they are all just plug and go.

    In the interests of full disclosure, I am chasing this down from a purely financial perspective. My meat probe on my 120 is falling apart (metal sheath around the wires has come off at the base of the probe) after a short time of ownership, and I can't bring myself to pay what Pitmaster is asking for identical replacements (along with a 15$ shipping charge) considring what they are charging for some items (i.e. adapters, which are nothing but a couple of bolts and nuts for $25) I know I'll be over paying for something that will fall apart. If I can find similar equipment for a better price elsewhere, I'd be a happy camper. I'd pay Pitmaster prices if they had a better product, but buying the same thing again makes little sense for the price point.

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    I have the first generation 110 and when it was purchased years ago shipping was free on temp probes but that didn't last very long. I needed a replacement a couple 3 years ago and was not happy about the added shipping charge. I think I ordered 3 replacement's for the same shipping charge as 1, not sure if that will still work. I don't think I paid $20 for each probe either.

    I haven't had one come apart like yours, mine just quit working. I am also extra careful with the probes. I now have a 130 and 1 spare temp probe left and no spare meat probes, I hate to think it will cost $35-$40 for a replacement what a rip off. If you or anyone​ find probes that works please post, I will be doing a little research on my own.
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    I just bought a Pit-master 110,and it's working like a champ.
    Right now at the time of this post the shipping on a probe is under 3 bucks. By the time Uncle sam gets his cut you can get a new probe for under 25 bucks. Which I think is reasonable.

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