For the third year, the California BBQ Association will be holding their popular BBQ Judging Workshop in Alameda (Jan. 7) and Riverside (Feb. 11).

The workshop is suited for certified BBQ judges (CBJs), cooks interested in how CBJs judge BBQ, and enthusiasts wanting to learn more about BBQ and how it is judged in sanctioned contests.

Topics include: how people become certified judges; how to get into a BBQ contest as a judge; what the roles and responsibilities are for judges; types of BBQ categories and how each cut of meat is trimmed and presented; how appearance, taste and texture is judged; regional types of BBQ across the country; and a discussion about many of the BBQ judging myths seen on television.

I've attended this workshop and can assure you it's well worth your time and money. Here are links for more info and sign-up: