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Thread: Salsa Roja 3/1/2015

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    Salsa Roja 3/1/2015

    This red salsa is very good in my humble opinion. I know there's lots of ways to make them but this is how I made it. 7 chile guajillo and 2 hand fulls of chile de arbol and I put them in boiling water that was seasoned with knorr chicken flavor bouillon for 5 minutes. Then I added 4 cloves,4 garlics, 1 tbs of oregano, 2 tbs of knorr seasoning , 4 tomatoes,2 tbs of white vinegar,1 tbs of cummin and 1 cup of the water that chiles were boiled in. Blend very good and enjoy.

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    Looks great brother....i needed some of those peppers for my taco al pastor

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    Looks wonderful!!!!
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