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Thread: What to do when yer Smokey Joe gives up the ghost?

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    A quick revisit to my build.

    The pineapple can gave up the ghost about a year in. I tried a soda pop aluminum can but it didn't hold up at all. I finally came across a thread that mentioned the IKEA silverware container that would work so I finally got a chance to visit the one here in Houston and raided them fer two since they were $2 each.

    Here's what I did fer my air vent/spark arrestor.

    Cut it down to size and opened up the side.

    Screwed a lid on the inside so ash won't drop directly into the air port.

    Spark arrestor in place

    Charcoal grate in place

    Heat insulator plate

    Battle weary charcoal pot on the heat insulator plate

    Smoker ready to go!

    Time will tell on how well this will hold up. Crossing my fingers!!
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