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Thread: How I made my SJG hot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    Great thread! Just wanted to bump it up. I have a NIB SJG that I bought in 2010. This thread has my curiosity. I may have to put it to good use.
    Colin, thanks for the bump... I hope this method helps you out.. I have both the SJS, and the SJG (P) and with this method use the SJG for most of my cooking. SJS has been relegated to mini-smoker use.

    One change since I originally wrote this is I now use an aluminum pie plate and get much longer life out of the baffle.

    Enjoy.. Alan.
    Rookie Weber owner.
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    Hi from Beijing.
    First post and just have to say this forum is a godsend. I bought one of these second hand for $25. Looked like new. The previous owner just couldn't get it hot and was really frustrated with it. Using Alan's method I managed to roast a chicken on the weekend, brilliant.
    I've still a lot to learn with regards to using this kettle and look forward to getting a lot of answers to my dumb questions through this forum.

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