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    I just watched the Paella video in the Grilling Classes area. You mentioned when you were adding the shrimp that any seafood would work, including clams.

    Looking at the state of the paella at that point, there did not seem to be an abundance of liquid in the pan.

    Would you toss the clams in at that point, earlier when you added the balance of the liquid, or pre-steam the clams and add right at the end. Overcooking the clams by dropping cooked clams in with five minutes to go I would think would spoil things. Perhaps there is another option you suggest.

    Curious. I am thinking that may make for a nice dish this weekend.

    Thank you kindly for hanging out here this week. I've enjoyed your insight.

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    You are so right, Robert. Clams will need a little more soupy liquid in the pan to steam open properly and finish cooking just as the rice finishes. And you need to be sure to bury the hinged section of each clam deep into the pan and liquid. They will not cook as quickly as if you were steaming the clams by themselves in wine or whatever. Actually, they might take a full five minutes to open up in all that rice. The more liquid you add, the faster they will cook, so make it pretty soupy. You'll be surprised how quickly the rice can soak up the liquid, even after you have taken the pan off the heat. And it's better to cook the clams in the same pan, because then they will release some of clam juice into the broth, which is delicious.

    By the way, I saw your message on Facebook. My only trip planned so far for the east coast is a week in New York City (week of June 1). I've got some television spots to do that week, but no book signings or classes. Let me know if you might be in NYC that week. I'd love to meet you and hear how your paella turned out.


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