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Thread: Grilled peaches

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    Make sure the peaches are ripe but still firm, (no mushy ones).. cut neatly in half and give a gentle twist to separate the two halves. Take out the pit. Grill with the flat side down first for a couple minutes to get some nice grill marks then flip over and put brown sugar and cinnamon in the hole left from the pit and on top. Put the lid back on and let them go a few minutes depending on the heat and how YOU like them. These are delicious!

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    Love grilled peaches, I do a couple more steps to mine. I brush the cut side with a simple syrup before grilling and mix the brown sugar and cinnamon with cream cheese.
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    Thanks for reminding me about this

    peach season is approaching in this part of the world
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    Thanks for the great ideas, I just pick up a couple of peaches at the store this afternnon. Going to give this a try.

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