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    SmokeFire Fried Chicken

    Great looking chicken. Chuck. Nice pics!!
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    Rich, your cooks are always top-notch. Thank you. I swear I would kill myself if I tried this for myself.
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    Just bumping of the best threads ever, imho. Thank you, Rich!!
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    Breakfast burritos nailed that cook. I could eat like 3 of those.
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    It's Winter Grilling Time....

    Yeah...I saw that. I ❤ NH. Wish I was up in your neck of the woods more.
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    Tri-tip Saturday

    That tri-tip is a thing of beauty, Chris!
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    Curry Chicken

    Great looking curry, Tony. One of my faves.
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    It's Winter Grilling Time....

    Lol...that's what was crazy. The pasta froze as he was trying to eat it at sunrise.
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    It's Winter Grilling Time....

    I'm late to the thread, but found this today. Top of Mt. Washington this morning, at the research station. Not edited.
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    My Carhartt, some memories, and a meal.

    What an awesome cook and story, Michael. Thank you. I also own---and swear by----that jacket :)
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    It gets a little hard when folks get there late…

    Wow, Chuck. That's nuts. Liked, "I had to get a Scotch."
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    It gets a little hard when folks get there late…

    My sister in law was 1.5 hrs late to her own altar. I was my brother's best-man and he was freaking out. That was about the 100th time she had been late to something...I consoled my brother by reminding him that his future wife was not at all fit for this convention we call 'time'
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    The price one pays for pursuing any profession or calling is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side.

    Clean as you cook guy here. Only way I can do it. Restaurants taught me and I can't stop. My wife, on the other hand....zoiks.
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    Philly Cheese Steak on the BlackStone

    Man, Chuck, your posts rock. Great cooks for you this holiday season. What an awesome gift, the Blackstone.
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    You know you're getting old when...

    Lol!. My parents started hiding the whole set from us.