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    ServSafe Certification

    You are motivating me to get into that. Health and kitchen are always things that needs to go together. I found this servsafe certification practice test with good practicing about it. Knowledge is always power so let's cook healthier. :george:
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    Hey everyone thanks for visiting :)

    Hey everyone thanks for visiting :)
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    ServSafe Certification

    Hey guys I'm wondering if anyone here on the forum got a ServSafe certification? How did it helped you in job and cooking life?
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    1/2 Pound Turkey burgers

    Yum. That's a one full packed meal!
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    Brownies in the WSM

    Wow. That was one smokey brownies you have there. :p
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    Tabasco Onions

    Ahah. I like that 2 cups. :D ..But I'm gonna try this.
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    Frostie Paws for dogs...

    Geezz. A lots of recipes for my new furr baby. Excited to try some here.:o
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    Beer-Marinated Chicken Tacos

    Hah!. This is a good idea for the weekend boys sessions. Thanks.
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    My current experience

    That's great. But yah, it really is hard for women. But I think your wifey can conquer it since you're there to support. Women needs that kind of support and encouragement all the time. ;)
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    Super Cheesy Jalapeno pull apart bread

    That's awesome! I love Jalapeno. Now this one definitely next to my kitchen.
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    Super Bore, I Mean Bowl, Wings!

    Yum!! This makes me decide what to be cooking next.
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    Grilled Salmon Fillets /Creamy Horseradish Sauce

    Thanks for this recipe. Better try your sauce.
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    Doug's Smoked Mushroom Dip

    Nice one for this. I've better try this one. Thanks.
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    Weber Charcoal $3.90 at Home Depot

    Wow. Thanks for sharing. Till when they're on sale?