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    I saw a woman the other night at Home Depot

    Here in Oklahoma the exchanges are a tad over $20. And, you can just get one of the exchange tanks without an exchange for $50 per. I take my tanks to a local gas station/RV park/propane place. While the exchanges are a bit over $20 per, the fill-up is $18 and it's the full tank, not the 15...
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    What model Q is a decent for a college age kid ?

    And, with the folding cart/stand it can be taken poolside or used for tailgating. I would have been in heaven to have a Q1200 when I was in college.
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    What model Q is a decent for a college age kid ?

    I have done 8 burgers at once, 4 steaks/chicken breasts/pork chops at once, and even done an 8 pound pork shoulder on a sheet pan with a grill rack in my Q1200.
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    What model Q is a decent for a college age kid ?

    Q1200 is what I use as my primary home propane grill. It's a workhorse and still portable. Perfect grill for a college student.
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    Sir Loin over Char-logs

    Mine do that every time I grill steaks or chicken over charcoal.
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    Tongs and Spatula Set

    I have the Weber tongs but find that the ends have too much of a cavity for my taste. They are very well built and heavy enough that I use them for the firepit to move full logs around, so I definitely like them for that. I actually started a tongs thread recently as I found some amazing ones...
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    Char Q

    I mean, I have a Charcoal GA, 2 Smokey Joes, and a Jumbo Joe.... It's not that I'm lacking in mobile charcoal grilling options. lol. I'll just keep looking and jump on one when I can.
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    Char Q

    I search FB and CL everyday and have never even seen one for sale. I search for a CharQ and the Weber table for the portable grills. Someday
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    Char Q

    I want a Char Q so badly that I've put a lot of thought into trying to convert a Q gasser into one. But, I always get hung up on the idea of trying to get holes in the lid top for the vent. The Gas Qs have the open lips on the sides of the lid as opposed to the top vent like the CharQ. The...
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    There is a disturbance in the force.

    That would make me so damn happy. If you look at the cover on that pic on the right side, it definitely appears to be a hopper of some sort on the back side. Could just be a pellet hopper like on the SmokeFire.... but, could also be a hopper for charcoal to be fed by gravity. Fingers crossed.
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    Cast iron skillet recommendations

    Bingo! Hence why the wife now has a fleet of Smithey and I have my Lodge collection. While I do all the handwash dishes in the house, she won't let me even clean her new Smithey pans. Lol.
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    Cast iron skillet recommendations

    I wouldn't normally either.... But, having a wife and kids has made me do all kinds of things I never thought I'd do over the years. Lol
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    Cast iron skillet recommendations

    Couldn't help myself. Had a Bass Pro gift card burning a hole in my wallet. Got the 8 inch and 6 inch Lodge skillets to add to my collection.
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    Recommendations For Used Portable Gasser?

    If you look at any Go Anywhere gas grills, make sure you get one that has the "old" deflector/flavorizer bar and regular grill grate. The new ones are not very good, in my opinion. If you find a new one that is a really good price, you can get this on Amazon. Wondjiont Stainless Steel...
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    My opus on tongs...

    I have similar tongs as well. But, at 22" they are way too long to pull entire grill grates with. Also, in my experience, most tongs with insulated inserts are lesser gauge, which I assume is because it's easier to cut/drill/notch for the inserts to be added. Again, I can use just about any...