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    Rib hanger for a 14.5?

    I only used it once so far, it works good, but for cooks like pork butts with a lot of fat it’s better to use a foiled water pan. Only because of the grease
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    Thinner pizza crust.

    If you want more browning for low temps use a little sugar or diastatic malt powder
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    Thinner pizza crust.

    It’s a professional flour sold in bulk, my local Costco business center carries it for $17/50lbs. It has a protein of 13.5% and I usually split a bag with a friend.
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    New WSM manufacturing defect

    Maybe somebody did the mod, messed it up and returned it?
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    Can you hang ribs in a 14 WSM?

    Your gunna have to hang half racks , i have a 22 with the Hunsaker rack and with the stock water pan they will hit. I use a hunsaker vortex in it though and it works. On my 14 I just use rib racks, I can do 4 full racks that way. Love the 14!
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    Thinner pizza crust.

    Glad it worked well for you!
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    Weber GA kabob attachment

    Anyone see a kabob attachment avail for the GA?
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    WSM 22 w/ Comal Bola on top?

    You would probably have to do it on a kettle and even then would have to put some rods across the top of the kettle to leave an air gap or you will smother the coals.
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    Advice when selling something on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp

    They are trying to reset your password on your google account which is linked to a lot of things for most people
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    Thinner pizza crust.

    What you are referring to is called an autolyse, some people do it for pizza but it’s mainly used in bread making. Adding salt and yeast at the same time in a pizza dough won’t cause the yeast not to rise unless the yeast is bad, of course you don’t really want to add straight salt to Yeast
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    Thinner pizza crust.

    Side note: I use a 6 qt kitchens is stand mixer with dough hook Put water and salt in the bowl, add flour and dry yeast, Turn on mixer to setting 2 and let mix until it all comes together to a shaggy mess. Then add the oil and mix about 6 more minutes until smooth. If you have a thermopen...
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    Thinner pizza crust.

    No problem, that recipe was given to me by Tom the “dough doctor”. Not sure if you know who he is but he is a legend in the pizza and bread industry, he just passed away from Corona. I assume you are in the pizza industry?
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    Thinner pizza crust.

    Here is my go to recipe, use a good bread flour like King Arthur Dough Makes 4 skins about 400g for 14” pizzas Notes: water 65 degrees Power flour or bread flour, Water and salt in first, then add flour and yeast. Add oil after shaggy then mix on speed 2 for 6 minutes. Cut and ball and...
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    Thinner pizza crust.

    I like about 62% hydration, and start with 65 degree water and it should end up about 80 degrees when the dough is done. You don’t want finished dough temps much more than 80 degrees
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    Thinner pizza crust.

    No need to let rise at room temp, it will do that in the fridge. Just make sure your fridge is about 38 deg, too cold and you may need 72 hours. Also you can experiment work different ferment times that works for YOUR recipe and equipment