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    HeaterMeter - The Maiden Voyage

    Thanks to Bryan for posting this project and more specifically posting in the reddit bbq area. I just happened to stumble upon the free giveaway you where doing. I signed up for the contest and about 45 seconds later ordered everything anyways as I knew I needed to do this. Fast forward 2...
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    HM 4.2.4 3D Printed Case

    If I ordered one, what is the general turn around time?
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    HeaterMeter 4.2 giveaway

    Congrats to all!
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    They're coming out of the woodwork!

    That is where I am from (reddit). This is a neat project and I have lots of components and a spare raspberry pi so this is perfect!
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    HeaterMeter 4.2 giveaway

    Consider me as well. Cool project and looking forward to more.