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    What is your limit?

    I don’t have to worry about severe cold weather in Charlotte. It’s the hundred degree 90% humidity that sucks.
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    Need y'all's opinion

    I have a 22 and two 18s. If I’m cooking 1 or 2 butts or a brisket flat I use an 18. I use the 22 for larger cooks. If you think you’re going to need a second 22 go for it.
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    Blowout bones on ribs

    If the bones are small I remove those ribs. You have to wrap tightly so they bake and don’t steam.
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    Storm is coming…

    Looks mighty fine!
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    Slice & Season Pork Butt Prior to Cooking?

    No, I cook mine whole. If I did slice it in half I would cook the pieces separately.
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    Charcoals ready how would you like your steak?

    Rare with a crust, please.
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    Weber Summit E6 @ Lowes for $574 plus tax OOS

    I’ve been a Lowes customer for years. I’ve ordered three different freezers from them since last August. I won’t go into detail, but their estimated delivery dates changed from weeks to months. I ordered the same freezer as my most recent cancelled order from Lowes from Home Depot and it...
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    Sweet Sauce by Aaron Franklin

    I’m going to make this tomorrow and try it on some meatloaf. It’s always nice to have everything in the pantry that you need for a recipe. The only difference between this recipe and the one in his book is that this one calls for 1/3 of the cumin and that’s fine with me.
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    Sauce for brisket?

    Just taking the easy road and I figure they’ll prefer store bought.
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    Sauce for brisket?

    I don’t use sauce for beef but my in-laws do. I’ll be smoking a brisket while they’re here. Any recommendations for commercial sauces would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
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    Brisket Flat Injections

    I’d appreciate any recommendations.
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    My first post

    Let’s hope.
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    My first post

    I do lose my manners when someone I don’t know comes into my house and criticizes things my family and friends enjoy.
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    My first post

    I like the picture
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    Kingsford's flavored charcoal ....

    Thank goodness I buy all the charcoal - not my wife!