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    HELP this is my 1st Weber, $1000 - is this a good deal?

    While I'm not a fan of those, it looks like it's in great shape. I wonder if it would be worth getting it if there was a way to prevent or delay the rust. Maybe paint with POR15 now while it's still in good shape? Gerry
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    80.00 dollars, what is it worth?

    I agree. I would try to get it if it was near me. I need one of those old control panels and some old style wheels for one of my restored grills. Gerry
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    First Time Pizza Success on top. Failure on the Bottom

    I'm going to keep trying with this setup. Next time I'll divide that dough into eight smaller pizzas. No pre bake next time either. With eight smaller test samples, I should be able to collect enough data to zero in on the timing. Plus it will be fun to do. Gerry
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    Best approach to removing the firebox bolt?

    I've seen evidence of the rod and plate thing to stabilize old brick buildings. Keeps the walls from spreading and dropping the floor joists. Is that what you mean by "reset buildings"?
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    Best approach to removing the firebox bolt?

    I think you are right. The area you are heating will expand and warp the sheet of metal if you don't heat the whole sheet. Thanks! I had to think about that for a bit! Cheers
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    Replacement options?

    You could mount another piece of metal on the front of that piece to hide the rusted out area. Make it wide enough to go almost leg to leg, maybe an inch short on each side. Have someone engrave or paint "Joel Z's Grill. You Bring It, I'll Cook It” on it. Cheers! Gerry
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    First Time Pizza Success on top. Failure on the Bottom

    We tried making pizza on the Weber. Nothing fancy, just store bought dough. My wife told me that we NEED to prebake the dough before putting the toppings on. I wasn't so sure, but I let her win. I have a flat piece of 1/4" stainless and a home made griddle. I put the flat piece on the grates...
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    I will just leave this here

    Well, more heated mass will hold more heat in when opening and closing the lid. With more mass, I would not be surprised that there would be more even heat distribution. Gerry
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    "Parboiling isn’t the best for bratwurst"

    The route for us to get to Road America in a hurry is to take 57 up. Usually by the time the races are over it's time to make haste going home. That being said we are always driving the old Chevy convertible up in Wisconsin (otherwise known as The Land of the Free). Usually we are out in the...
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    A rare one

    Because it's too expensive for most people. Gerry
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    Smoke Day? Or WSM Smoke weekend?

    He's got a bunch of blackberry and raspberry infused rum. He may already be finished! :) Gerry.
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    genesis renovation

    Your best bet is to first read the grill rehabs up in the "stickies". Then post pics of what you got and what you want to do. You will get all the tips you need from the guys on this forum. Gerry
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    "Parboiling isn’t the best for bratwurst"

    I like to go up to Road America (near Sheboygan Wisconsin) whenever I can to watch the races and enjoy the brats with sauerkraut and mustard. I think they cook em on a big charcoal grill. Yummy! When I cook them on the gasser it's indirect (m-o-m) for five minutes each quarter turn. Done in...
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    Student Seeks Advice From the Oracle. Pork Shoulder

    Prepping two 7 pound pork shoulders for cooking tomorrow. I trimmed some of the fat cap, and then scored it. Then I massaged some Memphis Dust from the Amazin' Ribs recipe, wrapped in plastic and put them in the fridge. Then I took two flavorizor bars and filled one with apple chips, and the...
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    I agree. There is a forum out there for pizza addicts that I stumbled on one day. They are trying to perfect the Neapolitan pizza where they do whatever they can to get the cook times as low as possible. I might be wrong, but I think they were aiming for cook times in a kitchen oven under 2...