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    Flames from under flavorizer bars?

    I cleaned up an used Weber genesis e310, and replaces the flavorizer bars and grates. Since then I’ve noticed flames coming from under the flavorizer bars and they are occasionally fairly large flames. Didn’t know how to upload video to this thread, so I’ll link to the YouTube video below. Any...
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    Fire underneath Flavorizer Bars?

    I recently replaced the Flavorizer Bars with some cheaper stainless steel ones from amazon. Things were fine for a few cooks, but on the last grilling, it appeared that there were large consistent yellow/orange flames coming from underneath the Flavorizer Bars. The flames are not on the top side...
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    Regulator hose stuck/frozen

    Yes, attempting to replace the regulator. Can’t unscrew the hose that is on the end of the old regulator. Haven’t tried disconnecting the silver metal connector that goes from the regulator hose to the burners.
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    Regulator hose stuck/frozen

    Attempting to replace the fuel regulator on a genesis 310, but having trouble getting the old hose disconnected. I’ve tried WD40 and Liquid wrench, along with using two adjustable wrenches to try and loosen the fitting - no luck. Any ideas? Thanks!