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    Wireless configuration resets to default on reboot.

    Huh, well that was easy. I just assumed the zero wouldn't work with the latest snapshot, but it looks like that might have fixed the problem. I haven't done extensive testing on other functionality, but it appears that the IP stayed after a reboot. I'll keep looking at the other aspects to see...
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    Wireless configuration resets to default on reboot.

    I'm using the Pi Zero for my build, so I've been using v13 since the snapshot I thought was for 2 and 3 only. I should have said that in my original post. I can give the latest snapshot a try if you think it will work.
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    Wireless configuration resets to default on reboot.

    Guys, I've been suffering in silence for a few months thinking I'd eventually get this figured out, but I'm all out of ideas so I'm turning to the community. I'll try to lay out everything that I've tried so as to give the clearest picture possible. I've tried to scour the forums to see if...
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    HeaterMeter Hardware v4.3.3, v4.3.4, v4.3.5, v4.3.6

    Many Thanks to Bryan and the whole community for making this possible. This is my first build of a HM, and everything seems to be working except for one thing I've noticed. I have a blower/servo combination implemented, but I notice that in voltage mode it doesn't appear to step-down the...