Weber rotisserie


Sean Jue

New member
I have an older Weber rotisserie that has tabs sitting on top of the rim of the kettle. It's not air tight and there is a huge gap between the ring and kettle. Does anyone here have the newer rotisserie kit tell me if it's improved any? Also my Weber performer has the nuts on the lid holder sticking out where the ring will rest on those bolts. Did Weber make cut outs for the kettles with lid holders? Thanks in advance.

Brian Thomas

Hello Sean,

I have the newer rotisserie kit, and yes, it's an improvement over the old model with the tabs. Is it completely air tight? No. But the smoke leakage isn't that bad.

Yes the newer model does have the cut-outs for kettles with lid holders.

Hope this helps.

George Curtis

TVWBB Olympian
There really is nothing wrong with the older style. I even tried sealing the gap with aluminum foil, no differance. Seems like an ocd thing than a functional thing.