Weber Q100 cover options?



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I;m looking to purchase a cover for my newly acquired Q100, After lots of research and no real answers; I've found three Weber covers designed to fit the Baby Q. A Weber 6550 style (I suspect it is an older model, but maybe constructed of a heavier material), a Weber 7110 (which is most common/readily available and most affordable, but appears to be made of a lighter weight material) and finally a Weber 7117 (which is least common and is considerably more expensive. It may have been produced for markets outside the US.)
I'm looking for the most protective and longest lasting cover for the Q. I've found tarps and covers in my local just don't hold up very long, likely due to our higher altitude (9800 ft. above sea level) and corresponding greater UV exposure and climate extremes. Anyone have experience(s) with any of the Weber covers other than the readily available 7110 and if not has your 7110 cover worked well in protecting your grill and has it given you more than a couple years service?
I have a rucksack cover from Amazon that does the job. I purchased a larger size so it fits on easily.