Stoker Probes...anyone have details on adopting the serial number?


Alan D

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I found out only about a year ago that Rock's BBQ went out of business.

In the past there was a thread over on the Egghead forum that comes up with google searches, but that URL that was linked to where a guy was talking about making DIY probes for the Stoker. Since the URL disappeared, I got the idea to go back in the wayback machine ( to a date previous to the posting date of the message, and was able to get the thread. I created a .zip file which is on my webserver, if anyone cars to look at it.

The thread doesn't really offer the information I was looking for, as it doesn't reverse engineer the probe serial number, it's only to use existing probes. That seems pretty useless as those with working stokers with probes typically just use them. One piece of info is that all the probes are the same, grill, meat or fan (fan is not clear, but it must work similar with power possibly).

I was curious does anyone have either a dead probe, which isn't working that would be willing to donate to have it taken apart? I'm pretty sure I could figure out what's in there. In the worst case I will sacrifice one of my old meat probes.

I recently saw the MEATER block which is a WIFI probe for meat. I could probably live with those but the Stoker itself can do something that few other controllers can do today, which is run 2 pits at the same time on one controller. Eventually the fans will become a problem, IMO, but as long as my fan continues to work I'm a smoking fool! LOL

I bought my WSM with the stoker used about 12-15 years ago, time flies by. I've been pondering building an offset, but I just keep using the WSM with hardwood lump. I just have an 18-1/2" WSM, but it works fine and I don't need more space really. I bought a compressor recently with a 120 gallon tank I had planned to use to build a smoker, but it's in good enough shape that I'm gonna use it as a compressor. It's an old DeVilbiss 120 gallon with a 10HP Baldor 3-phase motor.

I used a 22-1/2" Kettle for years, but my kids gave me money to buy another Kettle, so I found a Performer. Very convenient, I like the propane starter and the newer ash pan beats the heck out of that old ash tray...what a mess that old one always was. Not built as well, but my daughter uses it all the time as well. She often uses it for yaki-tori to take to parties with her friends.

All that said, I'm getting over the offset as I do get good results from my WSM and it's not as much in the smoker as it is in knowing how to use them. Could be any type, some cheap 'ques produce good results.

I wouldn't mind having an extra grill probe, since meat probes are like candy, the controller not so much.

Anyone have one they would like to donate to try to understand the serial number, or has anyone taken one apart and figured out if it's a NAND/NOR flash? Some type of chip that is flashed? One thing about NAND/NOR, AFAIK, is that you need a battery typically to keep the memory. I know there isn't any battery in the probes.