Smoked Ice Cream !



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that actually sounds kind of good! I've made 3 batches in the last 2 weeks, but no promises.

Ray Crick

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Good post Rita! And I notice that with only 15 more posts you will get the Emerald level(3000 posts!) Congratulations.


Rita Y

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Thanks, Ray. I'm still waiting for someone to post his/her experience with smoked ice cream. Clint???

Maybe I'll make Emerald by my 13th membership anniversary next month, Ray. What I've learned here has made a lot of people happy. :)



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not me yet, but I was checking out some older posts and saw where someone said to smoke kosher salt in a tray, I think it was in the ingredients/request forum..... I'm always (few times per month at least, sometimes per day :) ) making blender shakes, and lots of times I add salt (usually peanut butter, banana, milk, ice, almond extract, a little sugar, salt, almond slivers)..... I will try!

I'm so lazy :)

Bob H.

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This does sound interesting. Lets see, smoky butter pecan, or smoky peppermint. Just a week ago or so I saw a post about smoky ice cubes,
but smokey ice cream sounds like much more fun. Thanks Rita!