Hi — Weber “Restoration” — Came Across TVWBB


Andre Joly

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Joined as in the process of “restoring” an older Weber Genesis. My wife and I are avid cooks, including smoking/BBQ’ing/Grilling. Recipe section peaked my interest.

Stumbled upon this site as I’m trying to sort the length of the “flavorizer” bars on the grill I picked up - parts lookups show they should be 22.5” but the (rotten) ones what appears to be a less conventional size of 23 3/8” (?).. I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Grill in question is (what I believe to be) a 2000-2001 model Weber Genesis Gold C.

I went by the grill on the side of the road ready for the trash and thought I caught the Weber badging out of the corner of my eye, turned around and was right. Grabbed it. Consumables were cooked (pardon the pun) and it was pretty nasty but has since cleaned up quite nicely.

Sort of a little project.. in terms of grilling 7-8 years ago got a Weber Spirit, then upgraded to a late model Genesis, and then went way overkill to a Vermont Castings Signature VCS6005 (pictured below)... realizing not the most convenient for throwing hotdogs on for the kids it was reserved for social affairs.

The Genesis Gold referred to above, as mentioned, was grabbed off the side of the road in sturdy condition but needing TLC.

It needed some elbow grease, inside and out, but now — at least as a body — it’s ready for functional parts.

As mentioned as a bit of a pet project and a good “daily” BBQ.. I’m struggling with replacing the flavorizer bars — upon measuring the lip in where they sit I wonder if 22.5” may just work.. it would be really close as to whether they hang onto the mounting ledge or not.. the ones I took out measure 23 3/8” but that seems to be an odd size... regardless grills, burners and a few other odds and ends seem easy to come across.

Hopefully can contribute to this forum. Thanks.

Jesse K

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Looks great! Amazing what a little TLC can do... I need to keep a look out for one of these gems as well