Hey, from Philadelphia Burbs!



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Hey folks,
Been lurking for years and love the rub recipes I got from the cookbook.
Was a propane grill guy forever, until my brother in law started bringing over ribs, pulled pork and brisket from his WSM. When I asked him why his BBQ tasted so much better than mine, the education started :)
Started with a Weber Kettle and charcoal. Burgers, dogs and pork tenderloins to start, then ribs using the snake method.
After a year or so with the kettle, I got a used WSM.
Started with pork butts, did some ribs and sausage and a brisket. I struggled with holding steady temps, so added a Thermoworks Signals with pit fan FTW.
Added an Arbor Fab charcoal basket with minion insert, which doubled my fuel capacity for long cooks. Love it.
Other than a recent grease fire, my WSM has treated our friends and family well.
I do 40 pound shoulder smokes and we vac seal and freeze portions for easy meals later. Reheating with a sous vide has been another time saver.
Other than some leaks that I keep telling myself I'll fix someday (mainly the front door), I have zero complaints with my WSM.

Thanks for being here and sharing your years of experience with relative NEWBs like me :)