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Anthony Martino

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OK so I have pulled the trigger and ordered my BBQ concession / comp cook off trailer. Its going to be sweet, 12' enclosed with a 8' open deck. the smoker is still the ? it will definitely have two WSM 22 but for concession smoker I am torn a CTO I think would do the job but I don't want to out grow it to fast and have to buy something bigger, am I being overly optimistic. I know I can count on the group for some input.
I've had a CTO for four years and am still thrilled with it. I use about 8 pounds of lump during an overnight cook. I don't think you could to wrong with one.

They are thermostatically set to max out in the 310-320 range so they're limited in that regard for high heat cooks but they're great for the traditional low and slow route. I've cooked three cases of butts at once with room for maybe a fourth, if needed.

Let me know if you have any other hands-on type of questions about the CTO.



Yep, I do have a CTO with the sliding racks. It was born on 4/7/07 in Cape Girardeau according to the date that is welded into the side wall of the cooking chamber.

It is one of the first generation models with the firebox on the right side and the bigger cabinet housing the electrical and thermostat controls.

My CTO has slowed down, but not completely stopped, my yearning to keep adding more smokers to my collection.

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It is a mighty fine cooker!
Ole Hickory CTO </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

oh wow that's serious lol