Hello from Vancouver



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Year round BBQ north of the 49th.

Built a new home with a cut out section on the deck and a NG connection.
The cut out section is 60"x 34" and would fit a Genesis II perfect.
It is situated just outside the kitchen door under a glass awning. Perfect spot for wet Vancouver weather.
I'm still holding out on a new Genesis though as I'm hearing rumors of a redesign possibly on the way.
I think I can get one more winter out my old smoldering hotbox.

Wish me luck
Chef Jeff

Kelly C

Welcome Jeff! Hope you like it here. Lots of great people here willing to share valuable information. Post pictures when you can.


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It has been a while. May you be referring to Kokanee?
If I remember correctly Kokanee was a lager or a pilsner and Kootenay was a red ale.

We went on a ski trip to Whistler back in the mid '80s. At that time it was the best ale I had ever had. I packed a case of Kootenay in my checked luggage and brought it back to California.