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I have 5 extra HeaterMeters for sale. They are the SMD model which will accept a Raspberry Pi B+. They come with a Yellow/Green screen, 1 thermocoupler jack, and 3 meat probe jacks. They are setup to use Maverick ET-73 probes (10k resistors). But can easily be reconfigured for other probes. You need to supply the RaspberryPi B+ and sd card. $99 US each (near cost).


I can put together a complete kit with a 3d printed case, RaspberryPi B+, and sdcard for $165 US.


I also have the following accessories:

Completely assembled Offset Rotary Blower (with servo, 3d printed case, 6.7CFM blower, and RJ45 jack) $65 US each.
ET-73 high heat meat probes (6ft cords) $14 US each
12V 1A Power Adapters $3 US each
High temperature thermocouple probes (6ft cords) $10 US each
Custom 3D printer case $25 US

Contact me at jascha.espley+heatermeter@gmail.com
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I now have some extra high temperature thermocouples and ET-73 high heat meat probes to go along with HeaterMeter units.

ET-73 high heat meat probes w/6ft cords. $14 US each
High temperature thermocouples w/6ft cords. $10 US each
Grill clips for probes $2 each.

Contact: jascha.espley+heatermeter@gmail.com
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To help out members who are interested in the HeaterMeter, but aren't necessarily interested in assembling one, I offer fully assembled units for $179 US (3D printed case, HM SMD board, RaspberryPi B+ and sdcard). I also have fully assembled Offset Rotary Blower units (3D printed case, 6.7CFM blower, MG90s servo, RJ45 jack) for $65 US each.

Everything I'm offering is at cost. I'm doing this as a hobby in my spare time to help out members of the community. I've learned so much from TVWBB that I wanted to give a little help back to anyone that's interested.
I currently have 6 left and a few extra circuit boards ready to assemble if necessary. I can also make the 3D printed cases in any color.

Sorry for the belated reply. I just got back stateside from Africa. The package you sent was waiting for me and I couldn't be happier with what was inside. You really have out did yourself. I am blown away with the quality of your work. I'm looking forward to putting the new Heatmeter to work for the holiday next weekend. Thanks again for everything, I owe you a drink of your choice.

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I would like to add my name to the list of very satisfied customers of the HeaterMeter Jas has made for me. I have been the owner of a WSM since 2005 and I have made many great meals with it. After all this time and use it has earned its retirement. The only choice I had was to replace my old WSM with a new updated one due to my appreciation of what a great smoker it is.

Over the years I have been thinking of how I might upgrade my WSM if I was going get a new one. Well the time has come. Even though I have become pretty good at controlling temps in the WSM, automatic temperature control was at the top of the list of things to look into. After looking at all of the usual suspects I became intrigued with the Heatermeter. It looked like a great tool that would be able to do exactly what I wanted. An added bonus was the developer of the HeaterMeter and a group of dedicated hobbyists have a home on these WSM forums. Due to some limitations I have, building one for myself wasn't going to work out.

Enter Jas as a means of making my quest of owning a HeaterMeter a reality. From first contact, to ordering process, to answering all of the questions I had, to the Heatermeter arriving at my door, Jas could not have been any better. It is very well built inside and out and looks great too.

Jas's heatermeter and My Pelican case.


Thanks Jas, I owe you one.

I absolutely love the pelican case! I can just imagine you showing up to a BBQ party and cracking open that case to the amazement of all the other pit masters. I'm always happy to help out a fellow tvwbb enthusiast!
I could show up with the case handcuffed to my wrist like Elwood Blues of the Blues Brothers and tell everyone that I was on a mission from God. LOL