Heatermeter boot up problems



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I just finished assembling a heatermeter 4.3 with Raspberry Pi Zero W.
I have checked and double checked my solder connections and everything seems to be fine.
When I power up the heatermeter:
The top line of the LCD display in solid boxes.
The Raspberry Pi LCD flashes green rapidly for a short period of time and then goes dark
The Newhaven LCD is the same with or without the Raspberry Pi installed.
I have tried to reflash the memory card several times with the same results. Both the stable release and the snapshot.
Any further thoughts? I don't have a mini hdmi cable handy at the moment but will pick one up later today to try and watch the Pi boot sequence
Ok, I finally had a little bit of time and the appropriate cable to connect my heatermeter to a display and watch the R pi bootup. Unfortunately the messages on the display don't mean anything to me. Hopefully someone on here sees something on the boot screen. Again, symptoms are all block boxes across top row of newhaven display, after a short time no lights on R Pi. Here is the boot up screen picture.R pi boot.jpg
Try adjusting the potentiometer

did you try accessing the assigned IP from a browser?

the boot up “looks” hung (especially if you are used to booting into a command prompt), I had a similar *** moment earlier. See my recent “DELETE ME” thread a few lines below yours. But it’s not.

Adjust the lcd brightness and punch the IP into a browser. I think you’re fine.

also. I too did like 3-4as card reflashes. The only difference I see is my lcd was too bright (blank essentially) and yours to dark.